UnitronicR LiYCY data transmission cables are a specific extension to the UnitronicR 100-CY range, but with DIN colour coding. These data and signal cables are used in computer systems, electronic control equipment, weighing scales – anywhere screened cables of small dimensions are needed.


Fine or multi-wire (0.34mm2) strands of plain copper wire, PVC based core insulation, cores twisted in layers, various colours, as per DIN colour code.

Wrapping of plastic film. Screen braiding of tinned copper wires.

Outer sheath of special PVC-based compound, flame retardant according to VDE 0472, part 804, test type B (IEC 332.1), pebble grey (RAL 7032).

UNITRONIC R BUS SAFETY is a field bus cable for SafetyBUS pR field network systems, also for bus systems with nominal impedance of 120Ω.

The transmission characteristics of the cable conforms to the SafetyBUS pR system and guarantees a high operating security during data transmission.