Carlo Gavazzi & Allen Bradley offer a comprehensive range of inductive sensors which primarily are used to detect metal parts and objects. These sensors are used extensively in packaging and plastics machines, assembly lines and conveyor systems; and are available in a wide variety of styles and features.

Inductive sensors are offered in cylindrical housings (from 4 mm to 30 mm) with both standard and extended sensing distances and in a flat-bodied housing.

The eco-friendly ICB12 (M12) and ICB18 (M18) series marks a turning point in the inductive proximity sensors market. The innovative resin is made of a new recycled and recyclable material that assures higher performance, fully respecting the environment. The air core printed coil guarantees high immunity to external magnetic fields and increased resistance to vibrations and impacts.

Patented Tripleshield™ capacitive sensors have become the standard all others are measured against. Capacitive sensors will detect almost any solid or fluid objects such as plastic granulates, food, wood pellets, water etc. This makes them ideal e.g. for level detection in plastic and agriculture applications.

Tripleshield™ protection means the best electrical protection against electrostatic discharge, noise from inverters, mobile phones, conducted noise and surge and noise from contactors. All Tripleshield™ sensors are tested to withstand electrostatic discharges up to 40 KV, line transients up to 4 KV, and airborne noise (e.g. cellular phones) up to 15 V/m.

Environmental sensors are designed for the measurement of different parameters in order to improve indoor air quality. CGES environmental sensors by Carlo Gavazzi monitor CO2, relative humidity, RH temperature and air velocity.
Typical applications are for offices, hotels, food storage rooms and museums.

Correctly installed CO2 sensors can help reduce the over ventilation that can result if air intake is set to provide ventilation for a maximum assumed occupancy. This approach, equally applicable to retrofit or to new constructions, can save energy while ensuring that the ASHRAE standard 62 ventilation rates are maintained.

Carlo Gavazzi wind vanes and anemometers are used mainly for measuring relative wind speed and direction.