RMQ-Titan® control circuit devices emit light non-stop for over 100 000 hours. Special lenses and coloured LEDs offer enduring safety and reliability at an attractive price.

The Emergency-STOP buttons from the worldwide-usable RMQ-Titan® control circuit device range are available as palm switches/mushroom actuators with a diameter of 38, 45 or 60 mm. The EMERGENCY-STOP devices can also be used as EMERGENCY-OFF devices.

RMQ-Titan® Control circuit devices are ingeniously simple to connect with SmartWire-DT.

FAK foot and palm switches with their large operating surfaces are tamper-proof to ISO 13 850/EN 418. They can be actuated with the flat of the hand, a closed fist, wearing gloves and with the elbow or foot. The high degree of shock resistance and protection to IP 69 K make the FAK the ideal device for rugged applications.