Carlo Gavazzi offers a comprehensive range of solid state relays (SSRs) featuring direct copper bonding technology for increased life and reliability. SSRs are used extensively in the plastics, packaging, food processing and HVAC industries, in addition to lighting and motor switching.

We offer a complete range of solutions covering AC and DC switching SSRs for PCB mounting, panel mounting as well as SSRs with built-in heatsink. Dedicated solutions for 3-phase loads are also available. Some solutions offer additional features, for example integrated short circuit protection and integrated monitoring for load and SSR malfunction.

Manufacturers of cooking equipment such as ovens, griddles, steamers and toasters need to ensure food quality and safety, improving production processes and ensuring long operating lifetime.
Carlo Gavazzi SSRs are RoHS compliant and do not include any mercury.

Apart from eliminating continuous clicking sounds, the solid state relay can survive in humid conditions and is not affected by vapours in the surrounding environmental conditions. The RG 17.5 mm solution offers the possibility of reducing panel space with its slim profile.

In plastics machineries, the stability of process is critical to ensure high product quality. Stable temperatures are achieved by constant switching.Carlo Gavazzi’s solid state switches provide extremely reliable solutions that permit the fast switching required in these processes to be carried out. Integrated over-voltage protection and high surge current capability ensure trouble free operation, preventing unnecessary machine stoppages which result in scrap material and highdown time costs.

Carlo Gavazzi offers a range of soft starters for single – and three phase induction motors and compressors.
Applications include scroll compressors, pumps, ventilators, industrial dryers and conveyor systems.

Our range of soft starters dedicated to scroll compressors (RSBD, RSBT) features a patented auto-adaptive algorithm that ensures optimised starting performance without the need of any external settings by the users.
On the more generic line (RSGD, RSDR, RSHR) soft starting and soft stopping of motors reduces mechanical stresses on shafts and pulleys and, at the same time eliminates voltage disturbances on the grid.

Carlo Gavazzi offers a comprehensive range of electromechanical relays for industrial automation.
They are available in plug-in and PCB mounting. Many of our relays come standard with a push-to-test button as well as a LED indicator.

Carlo Gavazzi relays are frequently used in control panels, in HVAC control systems, pump and compressor control, and electronic and consumer products. They are typically used to switch loads such as heaters, lights, and motors.
Furthermore, Carlo Gavazzi offers a complete range of sockets (DIN-rail mounting) for industrial and PCB relays.